Serge Selvon – an important Mauritian artist working in Germany

While doing research on the art of the post-independence period, I had come across the name of Serge Selvon a few times. It is only after a conversation with Khalid Nazroo (who was Serge Selvon’s student at the Royal College of Curepipe around 1969 – 1970), that I began to look for information about the artist. I came across a few images on the internet, and several texts that were in German. Fortunately for the research project of the module art in Mauritius, one of my students, Deepa Dhoomon, did a thorough search on the internet and came across Mr. Selvon’s blog, found images of his work over the last few decades and was able to make a fairly decent presentation on the artist’s works.

For me it was a real discovery, in the sense that I was coming across a powerful and articulate artist that had contributed in a fundamental manner to the key period of the immediate after-independence years, and whose contribution seemed to be overlooked and forgotten by everybody.

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